The 6 Best Culinary Tours of Atlanta

Atlanta is a paradise for food lovers. With so many international restaurants, bakeries, and local breweries, a guided tour is a great alternative – come see what’s on offer!

The culinary scene of Georgia’s capital city boasts award-winning restaurants and bars from around the world, making a food tour one of the best things to do and see in Atlanta.

From bustling markets, an eclectic scene, signature cocktails, award-winning restaurants, museums, urban art, to a diverse community, you’ll find everything you’re looking for in this southern region. This post contains a list of the best dining experiences in the city, including prices, duration, and recommendations to delight your taste buds.

Atlanta BeltLine Food Tour

Atlanta’s BeltLine is the place to be. Built around a 35-kilometer-long railway line filled with a flourishing array of international restaurants adorned with urban art prints at every corner. A stroll along the BeltLine is a foodie’s dream, and you’re in luck: this three-hour guided tour introduces you to the best locations.

The tour starts at Krog Street Market, dubbed by Travel & Leisure as ‘one of the best food halls in the world,’ where you can sample culinary delights from James Beard-nominated chefs while discovering the cosmopolitan scene at the heart of Georgia.

Indulge in the best fried green tomatoes you’ve ever tasted and savor the eclectic Latin cuisine at Bar Mercado. Try a Detroit-style pizza. Perhaps you’re in the mood for Asian fusion or finger-licking goodness. To top it off, dessert ranges from seasonal fruit tarts to a tour of a chocolate factory where you witness the chocolate-making process.

In addition to food and drink tastings, your guide takes you to explore the vibrant streets of Atlanta, learning the stories of the artists shining in Hollywood and making the BeltLine as a whole one of the liveliest and most diverse communities in the United States.

Key Details

Price: from €90.

Duration: 3 hours.

Time: afternoon.

What the tour may include: 6-8 food tastings. 3 cocktails. Professional local guide service. Chocolate stop and tasting.

Access to the Krog Street Market.

Transportation: on foot.

Food and History Tour of Grant Park and Oakland Cemetery

Are you ready to step into the future of Southern cuisine while exploring Atlanta’s past? That’s what this Atlanta food and history tour has to offer.

This tour gets straight to the point. The first stop takes you and your group of up to 14 people to a restaurant for one of the 8 included tastings to fuel up before continuing to Oakland Cemetery.

This is Atlanta’s oldest cemetery, a historical treasure trove filled with gardens, sculptures, architecture, centuries-old oaks, and magnolias. After hearing about the remarkable memorials and curiosities, you’ll move on to your next stop where you’ll enjoy a tasty cocktail and another tasting. Finally, wrap up this guided walk with the sweet note of the evening, dessert at a James Beard Award-winning patisserie. The tour ends back at the starting point after a 2-kilometer walk.

Key Details

Price: from £74.

Duration: 2.5 – 3 hours.

Schedule: morning.

What the tour may include: 8 tastings at 3-5 of Grant Park’s most popular restaurants. Professional local guide service.

Transportation: on foot.

Atlanta: Ponce Food Tour

When it comes to the best of Atlanta street food without the humidity or heat of the streets, the destination is the Ponce City Market. This tour takes you to a selection of restaurants in the historic converted Sears, Roebuck, & Co. building, where the chefs’ focus is on diversity and homemade products.

This air-conditioned indoor market is currently home to over 40 award-winning restaurants. Enjoy 8 tastings at restaurants like Staplehouse, where James Beard Award winner Linton Hopkins makes all his ingredients, including mustard and ketchup, from scratch.

Try an authentic Cuban sandwich – did you say vegan bar, or was it gourmet chicken tikka masala – you decide! And if you’re over 21, you can also cool off with a Boozy Slushy or a beer at one of the market’s five bars. All tastings come on top of a full lunch.

Publications like USA Today rate this market as one of the best in the country. Ponce City Market is a food lover’s paradise. It’s not just a place to buy delicious local food; it’s also a great way to see the city. And to top it off, the tour includes a stroll along the Eastside Trail of the Atlanta Beltline, one of our favorite hidden gems in the city.

Interesting Details

Price: from €90.

Duration: 2 – 3 hours.

Time: afternoon.

What the tour includes: 8 tastings at 4 – 5 restaurants, one alcoholic drink at a market bar, professional guide service, and a walk along the Eastside Trail, the former BeltLine railway corridor.

Transportation: on foot.

Atlanta: Midtown Food Tour

This is your chance to explore Atlanta’s Midtown neighborhood and indulge in some of the signature dishes and spirits. From local favorites like shrimp and grits to more exotic fare like raw oysters and confit duck, you’ll sample a variety of dishes that combine local ingredients with global flavors and paired spirits as you stroll through Midtown Atlanta.

The restaurants on this tour are among the city’s best. And as they prepare these special menus, your local guide will tell you all about Atlanta’s history, from its humble beginnings as a railroad town to its current status as one of the most vibrant cities in the Southeast.

Discover how Atlanta became home to so many Fortune 500 companies, why it’s a leading cultural hub for art and music, and visit several famous restaurants. You may have already heard of the Coca-Cola Museum and the Georgia Aquarium, but that’s just a small part of what Atlanta has to offer.

Trust the professionals certified by the World Food Travel Association (WFTA), the official international food travel organization. They’re experts in taking you to the best neighborhoods, restaurants, pubs, and sights in every city. And this tour is certified; do you want to miss it?

Interesting Details

Price: from €20.

Duration: 2 – 3 hours.

Time: afternoon.

What the tour may include: up to 8 culinary tastings. Alcoholic beverages including craft cocktails, beer, and wine. Guided tour.

Transportation: on foot.

Atlanta: Peachtree Street Food Tour for Small Groups

Atlanta is one of the most exciting cities in the South, with a thriving food scene. But what if you could eat in Atlanta like a local, taste the best restaurants and bars, sample unique dishes and drinks known only to locals, all while exploring the city? That’s what this Peachtree Street food tour is all about.

With this tour, you’ll dine for 4 hours in Atlanta’s culinary scene with a small group of 10 people or fewer for a personalized experience. The aim is to avoid tourist traps in favor of authentic local cuisine like a local. You’ll enjoy unique dishes at popular establishments and hidden gems from upscale publications. This isn’t just a gourmet tour; it’s an experience!

Enjoy tapas to suit everyone’s taste. From Asian fusion to Southern barbecue and celebrated desserts like peaches and bourbon. Plus, they pair each dish with craft spirits to truly let you taste how food and drink go hand in hand on their Peachtree streets.

Learn about the impact of Margaret Mitchell, as well as the importance of St. Mark’s United Methodist Church on local cuisine. Explore Atlanta’s food scene in areas where tourists rarely venture with 4 – 5 different dishes. Witness the mix of cultures.

Interesting Details

Price: from €110.

Duration: 3-4 hours.

Schedule: evening.

What the tour may include: 3 cocktails, glasses of wine or beer. Combined tapas enough for a full lunch. Dessert. Local guide service.

Transportation: on foot.

Atlanta: Inman Park and Atlanta Beltline Food Tour

In this listing, I gave you a food tour of the Atlanta Beltline, but to make the experience even better, add Inman Park! With this tour, you can do the combined visit.

Have a tapas lunch with tastings at 6 restaurants, accompanied by a selection of craft cocktails, while taking in the sights of Victorian homes, iconic murals, and Atlanta’s most thriving walking route: the Eastside.

Atlanta is a city of small, interconnected neighborhoods, and historic Inman Park is one of the city’s most beloved neighborhoods. Over the years, it has become one of the city’s premier dining destinations. Experience delicious Southern cuisine in all its glorious forms, from traditional to modern, often with a twist.

As you visit the Eastside’s culinary scene, stroll through the streets of Inman Park and hear the curious history of this suburb’s transition between luxury and ruin in the 1960s and the return of the neighborhood’s splendor. Finally, board the Eastside Streetcar for a ride to the Krog Street Market, where you can sample some of Atlanta’s signature dishes among the bars and taverns.

Interesting Details

Price: from €90.

Duration: 3 – 4 hours.

Time: afternoon.

What the tour may include: Up to 6 food tastings. 1-2 cocktails, beer, or wine. Local guide service.

Transportation: on foot.

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